Susana Gutiérrez

Managing Director, Málaga Cruise, Global Ports

Susana has worked in Cruceros Malaga S.A for over 11 years. She is currently the managing director of the three cruise terminals of the Port of Málaga which has around 16,000 sqm of dedicated cruise facility infrastructure.

Susana is responsible for port operation, guest services, commercial and strategic planning, negotiation, and logistics management. Susana was also appointed as PFSO and responsible for security, environment issues and quality service for the cruise facilities in the Port of Málaga.

Her other responsibilities include coordinating both turn around and transit operations, collaborating with different stakeholders both shoreside and onboard by managing the relationship with port authorities and cruise lines, as well as port cost control. She helps the port to achieve operational excellence by maintaining quality and environmental standards, and identify possible trials and designing ad-hoc contingency plans for operational emergencies instead.

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