“The New Way of Cruising”

* Preliminar program.

In 2021 Suncruise Andalusia, the Association formed by the Andalusian Ports of General Interest with the aim of promoting Andalusia as a tourist cruise destination, has launched a new edition of its International Cruise Congress in Andalusia (CITCA Suncruise).


This second edition of the congress will take place in Malaga on October 21 and 22 and will once again bring together the representatives of Andalusian ports and the tourism sector in general with cruise lines and the main providers of technology applied to the cruise industry. On October 22, we will end the day with an event dedicated to the cruise passenger.


This confirms the aims and initiatives launched by Suncruise Andalusia in the first edition of the event, held in Seville in October 2020.

In this new edition we will talk and debate about the year 2021 as the year of transition that will lead us to the recovery of an increasingly digitized and sustainable industry. A year in which cruise tourism is implementing the most rigorous health and safety protocols.


With the cruise passenger at the center of all eyes, we will jointly define the new challenges of 2022. A year for the rebirth of an industry that is a clear example of resilience, but also of specialization and constant adaptation to new scenarios.


A second edition of CITCA that promises to be the prelude to a year 2022 full of many novelties and breakthroughs for the cruise industry.

21 October

Opening and Welcome


   · Carlos Rubio, President, Málaga Port
   · José García Fuentes, President, Suncruise Andalucía
   · Francisco Toledo, President, Puertos del Estado
   · TBD, Ayuntamiento de Málaga
   · TBD, Junta de Andalucía

Video Suncruise Presentation

SUNCRUISE Andalusia: Data Intelligence System for Andalusian Ports and “RETO Fitur Talent”


   · Ainhoa Raso, Coordinator, Fitur Talent


   · Esther Molina, Manager, Suncruise Andalucía (Observatory Presentation)
   · Alberto Ortiz de Saracho, General Manager, Empresa Pública para la Gestión del Turismo y del Deporte de Andalucía/Consejería de Turismo
   · Antonio Guevara, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Universidad de Málaga
   · Ginesa Martínez del Vas, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM)

Block 1

“The New Cruiser”

In block 1 we will talk about the profile of the New Cruiser. How they are changing and what their main needs are in a year in which we are still immersed in the pandemic caused by Covid-19.


We will analyze what is the role of digitization, technology and sustainability and their relevance from the point of view of the cruise passenger, who for the first time, will have a voice in a professional Congress bringing us their concerns first-hand.


This block aims for us to design together the future of the cruise industry and help us think about new specializations in our offer or how to increase digitizing the experiences we offer.


On the other hand, we will see the importance of integrating the cruise into the activity of ports and destinations and vice versa.

A Conversation: Inspiring the New Cruise Traveler


   · Alejandro Busquets, Cruise Contracting Director, Logitravel Group
   · David García, Cruise Director, Entertainment Speaker

11:00h Video
How Cruisers Interact in Ports and Destinations


   · Kate Bonner, Sales Manager, Cádiz Port
   · TBD, Ayuntamiento de Málaga, Delegación de Turismo

11:15h Coffe Break

Defining the New Cruise Passenger


   · Jesús García, Editor in Chief, CruceroAdicto.com


   · Fernando Pacheco, General Manager, MSC CRUCEROS
   · Sacha Rougier, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experiences, Explora Journeys
   · Deborah Vega, Global Key Account Manager, Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services
   · Ana Marín, Business Development, Málaga Port

12:45h Video
Panel: Digitization of the Cruiser Experience


   · Ana Muñoz, Technology Editor, Business Insider España


   · Moisés Rubiño, Head of the Department of Digital Marketing and BigData, Empresa Pública para la Gestión del Turismo y del Deporte de Andalucía/Consejería de Turismo
   · Antonio López de Ávila, President & CEO, Tourism Data Driven Solutions
   · Agustín Quesada, General Manager, Mundomar Cruceros
   · Mafran Martínez, CTO Puerto de Huelva

13:30h Lunch Break

Block 2

“Engineering & Design for the New Age of Cruise Ships”

In this block we will talk about a year like 2021 called “The Year of the Renaissance”. During this block we will discuss what is the new reality of the cruise industry and in particular of cruise lines.


We will analyze who is doing what to devise new itineraries and especially how the changes seen above in the needs of the cruise passenger, lead us to rethink the way we navigate. In this context, we will see new formats and ways of approaching cruise passengers before, during and after their trip.


On the other hand, in this year of preparation, we will learn about the protocols and health and hygiene measures that the industry has put into operation.


We will also see what technologies are being applied in order to make the industry increasingly digitized and make its operations much more efficient.

15:30h Video
Keynote: 2021. The Year of the Renaissance


 · Ukko Metsola, Director, Cruise Lines International Association Europe

15:45h Video
Panel. The Profile of the Sustainable Cruise Ship: Holistic Vision


   · Jordi Caballé, Owner, Cruise Ports & Tourism


   · Rafael Fernández-Álava, Communication & PR Director, Costa Cruceros
   · Linden Coppell, Sustainability Director, MSC Cruceros
   · TBD, Royal Caribbean

16:30h Video
Panel: The Sustainable Port Profile


   · TBD, Innoenergy


   · Susana Gutiérrez, Managing Director, Malaga Cruise Port
   · Juan Antonio Patrón, Head of the Sustainable Development Area, Algeciras Port
   · Marta Gómez, Head of Department of Crecimiento Azul, Dirección de Planificación y Desarrollo, Puertos del Estado
   · Elisa Zamora, Director of Finances and Membership, Medcruise

17:15h Video  / GHENOVA

Panel: New Technologies Applied to the Cruise Industry


Moderator y panelist:
   · José de Lara, Director of Digital Solutions Division, GHENOVA


   · Carmelo Torres, General Manager, Empresa Municipal Almería Turística
   · Manuel Lara, Marketing Director, Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol
   · Sergio García, Cybersecurity Business Director, Softcom

18:00h Closing of the day

Gala Dinner


20:30h  Welcome Cocktail
Experiencing an Onboard Show
                 · Joan Domínguez, Actor y monologuista
21:45h   Dinner

22 October

Block 3

“The New Reality of Cruise Lines, Ports and Destinations”

The third block will deal with the Renaissance of the Cruise Industry. We will talk about what and how the New Model that is being defined this year will be.


We will analyze the New Designs in terms of theming, specialization, sustainability and accessibility in which the industry is working.


To achieve this, we will become aware of the need to incorporate new high-level enginee- ring that is in line with the new requirements.


Destination, itinerary, new ways to navigate, etc.

09:15h Video
A conversation on THE AWAKENING of the Cruise Industry. A Look ahead to 2022


   · Esther Molina, Manager, Suncruise Andalucía
   · Sofía Basterra, Communications Director, MSC Cruceros (vídeo)

09:45h Video
Keynote. Offer Specialization: Luxury Expedition Cruises

   · Juan Rodero, Director General, Un Mundo de Cruceros / StarClass


10:00h Video
Panel: Boutique Cruise Lines. The Hyper-personalization of Cruise Ships


   · TBD, Only You


   · Juan Rodero, General Manager, Un Mundo de Cruceros / StarClass
   · Giorgio Costa, Sales Development Manager, South of Europe, East Europe & Russia, Silversea Cruises
   · Roberto Cabello, Director, Oceania Cruises

10:45h Vídeo
Panel: Opportunities for New Itineraries


   · TBD, Pérez&Cía


   · Shannon Lee, Co-CEO & Founder, Storylines
   · Gustavo Yacobucci C., CEO & General Manager for Spain and Portugal, Emerald Spanic & Scenic Group
   · Lorenzo Vera, Port & Destination Promotion, Puerto de Motril 

11:30h Coffee Break

11:45h Video
Panel: The Cruise Tourism Destination Experience


   · Juan Daniel Núñez, CEO, Smart Travel News


   · Miguel Sanz, General Manager, Turespaña
   · Manuel Muñoz, Secretary General for Tourism, Consejería de Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía
   · Rafael Merino, Manager, APPA Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía

12:30h Video
Panel: New Ways to Navigate. The Environment Experience


   · Juan Daniel Núñez, CEO, Smart Travel News


   · Emilio Freeman, Vice President, Itineraries & Destinations, Seadream Yatch Club (online)
   · Capt. Amable V. Esparza, Commercial Manager, Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla
   · Ian Livesey, Head of Operations Balearic Islands, Mainland Spain & Portugal, Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services

13:15h Official Closing


   · TBD, Junta de Andalucía
   · TBD, Diputación de Málaga
   · José García Fuentes, President, Suncruise Andalucía
   · Carlos Rubio, President, Málaga Port
   · Pilar Parra, Corporate Manager, Puertos del Estado

13:30h Transfer to Pier 2, Málaga Port

14:00h Cocktail Kaleidos Restaurant


“Thibute to the Cruiser”

“Cruise Ship Forum”

Place: Palmeral de las Sorpresas. Pier 2, Malaga Port

Auditorium Edgar Neville, Málaga Provincial Council

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