1st International Conference
on Cruise Tourism in Andalucía
Auditorium, Seville Aquarium,
Port of Seville
29th - 30th October 2020 Registration RSVP Get a 20% discount if you register before 5th October.


“Living a Smart Cruise Experience”

In 2020, the Association for the Promotion of Andalucía as a Cruise Destination, composed of the port authorities of Algeciras, Almería, Cádiz, Huelva, Málaga, Motril and Sevilla, is launching the 1st International Conference on Cruise Tourism in Andalucía.

This event is one of the main actions of Suncruise’s 2020-2021 Strategic Plan, with the aim to strengthen the relationship of ports with their territories, cruise tourism accessibility and sustainability, and also their evolution towards smart facilities where leisure is the main player.

Likewise, the Conference aims to place the ports of Andalucía on the world cruise map and position them as a benchmark in southern Europe, being the only Atlantic – Mediterranean coast.

The event will draw the attention of cruise lines -especially boutique cruise lines-, transport and logistics companies, architecture and engineering businesses, hostelry, catering providers, industry associations, environmental and technology companies, startups, universities and research centers or specialized press, among others.

For its organization, smart and sustainable management trends that the cruise industry must follow in a post-Covid19 scenario have been taken into account.

Hence, we have echoed the needs of the cruise industry. It is necessary to study this new model linked to the experience of cruise passengers in ports and destinations.

The cruise industry of the 21st century focuses on three factors: smart facilities, digitilized tourists and technology linked to data visualization and analytics.

Thus, 2020 will witness a new, different, dynamic and innovative Conference model, which will have the participation of top-level professionals from all over the world.

* Preliminary Program. The schedule may be subject to last-minute change.

Thursday 29 October 2020


Opening and welcome

     · Juan Espadas Cejas, Alcalde, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla.

     · Rafael Carmona, Presidente, Puerto de Sevilla.

     · José García Fuentes, Presidente, Suncruise Andalucía.

     · Francisco Toledo Lobo, Presidente, Puertos del Estado.

Block 1

“Technology & Smart Data”

Block 1 will focus on the need of the current management of ports and destinations to evolve hand in hand with technology. This Conference will host the launching of the first Cruise Tourism Observatory in Southern Europe. For this purpose, it will be necessary to design and implement smart tourism systems and data driven policies. 

Thus, another challenge will be getting to know which new professional profiles the industry needs. We will see how knowledge and skills such as digitalization, data analytics, innovation, technology or environmental awareness, will become essential.


SUNCRUISE New Strategy & Goals: The new Cruise Observatory for South Europe

El Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla hablará en representación de los Presidentes.

     · Don José García Fuentes, Presidente de la Asociación, y Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Motril.
     · Don Carlos Rubio Basabe, Vicepresidente de la Asociación, y Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Málaga.
     · Doña Pilar Miranda Plata, Presidenta, Presidenta de Autoridad Portuaria de Huelva.
     · Don Gerardo Landaluce Calleja, Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Algeciras.
     · Don Jesús Caicedo Bernabé, Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Almería.
     · Doña Teófila Martínez Saiz, Presidenta de la Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Cádiz.
     · Don Rafael Carmona Ruiz, Presidente de la Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla.


Introduction to the Cruise Industry

     ·  Alfredo Serrano, Director, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

10:45h. Space Sponsored by GHENOVA

A conversation… New Digitization Strategies in the Cruise Industry: the digital twin

     ·  Antonio López de Ávila, President & CEO, Tourism Data Driven Solutions.

     ·  Francisco Cuervas, CEO, GHENOVA.


Coffe Break

11:30h – VIRTUAL

Keynote: Technology Powers Return To Service

     · Greg Land, Distinguished Industry Leader, IBM Global Travel and Transportation, Hospitality.

12:00h – VIRTUAL

Keynote: Global key aspects for the innovation and sustainability of the cruise industry

     · Natalia BayonaDirector of Innovation, Education and Investments, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

12:30h. Space Sponsored by Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical

Panel: Technology and data to promote the cruise industry


    · TBD.


    · Juan José Hernández, Director Nacional de Eventos, Globalia.

    · Javier Andrés, CEO, LogiTravel – LogiCruises.

    · Emilio Herrera, Business Director, Cibernos.

    · Miguel Abreu, Director General Iberia&Latam, Magnolia.


Keynote: New Profiles & Skills for a New Industry

    · Alfonso Jiménez, Founder & CEO, Recruiting Erasmus. 


How Technology inspire us

    · Luca Pronzati, Chief Business Innovation Officer, MSC Cruises.



Block 2

“Technology & Sustainability”

This block focuses on the analysis of sustainable management in its environmental aspect and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the circular economy in cruise tourism.

This topic is very live in the post-Covid19 era, where world travelers are more aware than ever of the risks and the negative impact of their activity. This will push the cruise industry to make strong investments and changes in its strategy to ensure hygiene, complying with new regulations, and achieve the reduction of its emissions to minimize its global environmental impact. Simultaneously, it will have to develop new communication policies to convey this new reality and build trust in the market.

Likewise, we will discuss how to achieve “zero emission” ports and cruise ships, a goal in which the industry is working to have a common standard. For example, the cruise industry has been a pioneer in the implementation of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) technology, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions of sulfur oxides and particles to the atmosphere throughout the international shipping industry. 


Blue economy for tourism development: Data and Good Practices in Andalucia

     · Javier Noriega, President, Clúster Marítimo de Andalucía.


Innovation and technology for green ports

     · Antonio López de Ávila, Presidente & CEO, Tourism Data Driven Solutions.

     · Airam Díaz, Honorary President, MedCruise.


Keynote Speaker. Dock Electricity: a technology available for a sustainable cruise industry

     · Julio de la Cueva, Head of Innovation Area, Puertos del Estado.

     · Guillermo Amann, Senior Advisor to the President, ORMAZABAL –a Velatia Company-.


Panel: Circular economy for Smart Cruises and Ports. EGCS, GNL & Hydrogen


     · Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director General, FINNOVA.


     · Javier López, Jefe Departamento Comercial, Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Algeciras.

     · José Moyano Retamero, Director, Puerto de Málaga.

     · Julio de la Cueva, Jefe de Área de Innovación Dirección de Explotación, Puertos del Estado.

     · D. Manuel Olivares Huertas, Concejal-Delegado de Empleo, Emprendimiento, Turismo y Comercio, Ayuntamiento de Granada.

     · Juan Ignacio Buenestado, LNG Bunkering Business Development, NATURGY.

16:50h – VIRTUAL

Keynote Speaker. Cruise Industry and Sustainable Tourism

     · Dr. Ioannis Pappas, Director Mediterranean Region at Global Sustainable Tourism Council, GSTC.

17:00h – VIRTUAL

Keynote Speaker. How Sustainability helps the Cruise Industry?

     · TBD, Royal Caribbean.



Tour patrocinado por City Sightseeing en su autobús descapotable de 45 minutos por la ciudad de Sevilla.

* Cena de Gala. Restaurante La Raza Puerto.

Friday 30 October 2020

Block 3

Smiling Experiences: building the Future”

If the entire industry agrees on one thing, it is that in the post-Covid19 era we are faced with a much more demanding and digitized tourist, whose journey begins by analyzing much and varied information in an multichannel way. For this reason, companies must ensure that the cruise passenger experience, both online and offline, before, during and after their trip, generates the desired loyalty and emotional bond with their product. 

And we will see the importance of devising experiences which are friendly with the territory, linked both to it and its people, following the principles of legacy in tourism. The challenge will be for large cruise companies and small providers of experiences in the destination to align themselves in order to generate authentic experiences with a positive social impact on residents. 

Also in this block we will imagine what ports and cruise ships of the future will be like and we will travel together to learn, through data, what the cruise market will be like in the coming years. 

Likewise, we will see that innovation and technology have helped and continue to do so in the fight against COVID-19 and that they will play an essential role, from now on, in the management of cruise tourism, generating the trust the cruise passenger needs in their decision making.


A conversation… Dreaming of the Future of Experiential and Smart Cruises

     · Esther Molina Crespo. Gerente de Suncruise Andalucía.

     · Virginia López Valiente, CEO, Cruises News Media Group.


Smart talk: How the user experience is changing in the cruise industry


     · Virginia López Valiente, CEO, Cruises News Media Group.


     · Emilio Freeman, Vice President, Itineraries & Destinations, Seadream Yatch Club.

     · Enrique Ybarra, President, City Sightseeing. 

     · Giorgio Costa, Sales Development Manager South of Europe, East Europe & Russia, Silversea.

     · Juan Trescastro, Director of Itineraries, Destinations and Government Relations, Virgin Voyages.

     · José Luis Almazán Garate, Vicepresidente, Ocean Capital Partners.


Smart talk: COVID Protocols for a more secure travel

     · Sergio González, Director de Desarrollo de Negocio, AENOR.

     · Jaime Luezas Alvarado, Service to Port Community Head of Unit, Puertos del Estado.

     · Susana GutiérrezManaging Director, Málaga Cruise Port, Global Ports.


Coffe Break


New Designs for New Experiences on board

     · Guillermo Muñoz EsparragosaShip Repair Manager, NAVANTIA Cádiz.


Panel: Digital Experiences in Ports and Destinations for Digital Tourists: What’s New? 


     · Alberto Ortiz de Saracho, Director Gerente, Turismo Andaluz.


     · Carlos Sánchez, Concejal de Turismo, Ayuntamiento de Almería.

     · Manuel Álvarez Fernández, Director del Área de Internacional, Turismo y Formación, Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria, Servicios y Navegación, Cádiz.

     · Daniel Navarro Campero, Gerente, Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Huelva.

     · Beatriz Arilla, Directora Gerente, Consorcio Turismo de Sevilla.

     · Renée Kachler, Responsable de Cruceros, Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol. 

     · María Eugenia Rufino Morales, Vicepresidenta de la Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical y Alcadesa-Presidenta del Excmo. Ayto. de Salobreña.


Experiencing an onboard Music Show

     · TBD.



     · Rafael Carmona, Presidente, Puerto de Sevilla.

     · José García Fuentes, Presidente, Suncruise Andalucía.

     · Manuel Alejandro Cardenete, Viceconsejero de Turismo, Regeneración, Justicia y Administración Local, Junta de Andalucía. 

Farewell Cocktail

Seville Aquarium, Port of Seville – Global Omnium (Auditorium)

Get a 20% discount if you register before 5th October.

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